Free iPad Air, Free iPhone 5. Here's How

Free iPad Air, a Free iPhone 5 or even a Free Playstation 4, wouldn't it be nice if you could get yourself or your family one of those gifts? Wouldn't it be nice to get a free ipad Air or a Free iPad Air or even a free iPhone 5 for yourself? Well, now you can. Get yourself the gifts that you want rather than the gifts that you can afford. In this day and age when everyone is concerned with the "credit crunch", and with Christmas fast approaching, wouldn't it be nice if you could get the latest games consoles, iPhone's, or Ipads for pennies or even free? will try and help you to get some freebies and some tips to get you started. has been created to try and give you some help in getting your own freebies and also to try and show you how companies can afford to send you things for free. Some people will say that it can't be possible but if you read how it's done, then you'll see that it really does work and is 100% genuine.

Latest Free Gifts added to the site.

Free Ipad Air Free Ipad Mini Free PS4 Free Iphone 5

New iPads from Apple

In October, Apple announced that they would be bringing out a new iPad called the iPad Air and also an updated iPad Mini, these have been added to Sign up now to get your free ipad Air.

Sony announce the Playstation 4 (PS4)

Sony have announced that the Playstation 4 (PS4) will be released in November. Why spend a lot of money on one when you can get a free playstation 4 right here?

The new Xbox One added to

Microsoft have announced that in late November, they will be releasing their new console in the UK, the Xbox One and it has now been added to the site. Sign up now for your free xbox one

Free PS4, Free iPhone 5, Free ipad Air - What you need to know.

Below are the basic simple steps involved in getting free gifts. Please also take a look at the Hints and tips page and also the Do's and Don'ts to getting a free gift page.

sign up for a free playstation 4 or other free gift The first step is to decide which gift you would like. Start small if you prefer and choose something like a free ipod shuffle, then get something bigger next time like a free playstation 4. It will be easier to convince your friends to sign up for you once you already have a free gift. To get started, click on the image of your chosen gift and sign up, making sure you give your real name and address or they won't know where to send your gift.

complete an offer Once you sign up, go to the "offers" page, you will see many there including a few free offers. Or, you can do one of the paying offers which can cost you as little as £5 for the Coral or Gala Bingo offers (UK) or one of many others. Read what you have to do with your chosen offer, how long a trial lasts or how much you have to deposit and complete your offer.

refer friends After you do your offer, all you need to do is get a few people to sign up for you and also do an offer of their choice. Think about all those people you have on your various contact lists e.g. Facebook, Bebo and Twitter. Send them your referral link and tell them what they have to do to also get a free gift and hopefully they will sign up for you and do an offer. The more people you get to do offers, the bigger and better the gifts that you can get. You can change your chosen gift at any time.

get your free playstation 4 or other free gift If you have done everything correctly and not tried to cheat the free gift site (they will spot if you have), your free gift will be shipped to you within 2 weeks at the longest if your chosen item is in stock. Most items are sent directly from well known sites like Amazon or Apple and shipping to you is also free. Believe me, the feeling you get when you open your first free gift will be one of achievement and you will soon be thinking about getting your next free gift. The good thing about going for your 2nd free gift, and every one after it is that you will not have to do another offer for that site and also any extra referrals that you have left over after your 1st gift will still be in your account, to use for more free gifts.

Free iPhone 5, Free PS4, Free ipad Air - Here is how sites can give them away to you for FREE. What's the catch?

The only "catch", if you can call it a catch is that you need to complete 1 offer. As I mentioned previously, some offers are FREE and some are as little as £5, this isn't very much for a gift like a free Playstation 4 or a free iphone 5 for example. If you do a betting or gaming offer, you not only complete your offer but you could also win some money also.

Here's how the companies make enough money to send you your free gift, let's take the Gala Bingo offer for example. When you deposit £5 into your account to complete your offer, Gala will pay Freebiejeebies between £15 and £20, possibly more if you make more deposits. If you did this offer and got 10 people to do this offer, Gala Bingo would pay Freebiejeebies around £165 to £220 which would then be enough to pay for your free gift and still have money left over. So, basically they make money from advertisers and you get commision for every new customer, your commision builds up until you have enough for a free gift or some money or amazon vouchers. Once I realised just how they made the money, I realised that you really can get "something for nothing".

Please make sure that you know exactly what you need to complete your offer. If you are doing a free trial, please ensure you know how long that trial is for. It is your decision at the end of the trial if you wish to continue with the service or not. If you do an offer which requires a small payment, please make sure you deposit that amount otherwise your offer will not be complete.

Approx number of referrals needed for a Free Gift

The table below will give you an idea of just how many referrals you need for a selection of gifts. The full list can be seen in your account when you sign up.

Number of Referrals An example of some of the Gifts that are on offer
2 to 4 £50 Topup Voucher, Bluetooth Headphones, iPod Shuffle, Wii Fit, £50 iTunes Voucher, Apple Magic Mouse, Xbox Live Gold Voucher
5 to 7 £100 Amazon Vouchers, Nintendo Wii, iPod Classic, Kindle Fire HD, 3 Console games of your choice, iPod Nano, TomTom One, Apple TV, Sony PSP Slim, GHDs
8 to 10 £200 Amazon Vouchers, Xbox 360 Elite, PS3 Superslim, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita, Xbox 360 Slim
11 to 15 iPod Touch, iPad Mini, Nintendo Wii U, Sony PSP Go
16 and over £500 Amazon Vouchers, iPhone 4S, iMacs, iPad, Xbox One, iPhone 5, Playstation 4, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iPad Air

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